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Kegler's is a very well-known bar/restaurant in Morgantown, and their wings are supposed to be to die for. Kristen and I were in a "beer and wings" mood the day after my birthday, so we decided to check it out. She had been there many times before, but I had only seen it in passing. Once my friend Shane and I attempted to have a beer there, but the place was so crowded, we literally couldn't find a table.

This time was a bit different with students out of town. It's over on the Evansdale Campus, near Hardees and Sheetz. There are two levels, and we went to the upper level because that's where they serve food. The top area actually has an area that overlooks the local bowling alley, Suburban Lanes. That was pretty neat, but we opted for an empty table to ourselves. Unfortunately, a loud party of about 15 was sitting next to us, taking up most of the tables. The atmosphere could have been nicer, between their obnoxious laughs and a smoke-filled dining area.

I ordered boneless honey bbq wings, and Kristen got a club sandwich. We both ordered Bud Lights - a perfect combo. The honey bbq sauce was very tasty. It was a good blend of tangy and sweet. The outside texture was seared to a nearly a crisp texture: delicious. The meat could have been cooked a little longer. I would have liked it to be a tighter consistency, instead … it reminded me of a mushier texture. I think the wings could have simply been cooked  a little longer. If this is their speciality, I'd hope they'd have it down to perfection. I've heard the regular wings are a bit better, so looks like I'll try those next time. Out of the eight wings, I had about five.

Grade: B
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