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By Candace Nelson - 8:25 PM

Tudor's just opened in Morgantown today, and all of Morgantown is a-frenzy. People from southern West Virginia go crazy about its biscuits like they're addictive. It's native to West Virginia, and has only really been expanded in the southern counties. I've had it once before, a quick trip through the Weirton's Tudor's when it first opened, but I was unimpressed. I thought I'd let Morgantown's Tudor's redeem itself - especially since the Morgantown location has its own Twitter account.

I had a break in classes today, so I took at trip through the drive-thru (maybe my first mistake). I knew of the general area that Tudor's was in, and I actually happened upon the building by chance. There is a sign outside, but the building is very plain looking, with no signs on the actual building. Luckily, where I decided to turn was correct, and as I was driving, I realized I was in the Tudor's parking lot, and I had in fact driven around to the drive-thru, though there were no signs directing me, and I was driving blindly. It's a miracle I stumbled upon this, honestly.

Boy, was this an experience. I ordered a biscuit and a platter to try a little of each. I had to repeat my order six times for them to understand. Six. At one point, the girl said, "So, you want that chicken thing, right?" And I said, "No, I want the 'chicken tenderloin platter lunch special.'" This was quite rude and almost embarrassing. I pulled around to the window and I waited at the window for a good five minutes before anyone even took my credit card to charge me. After handing it back, I waited another 8 minutes or so before receiving my meal, with no "thank you" or "sorry for your wait" or anything. The customer service, at least the drive-thru, receives an F.

When I got home, I was only hoping the meal would be better. As it so happens, the chicken platter was tasty. I got mashed potatoes and cole slaw as my sides. The potatoes were creamy and buttery with country gravy on top. They tasted homemade, and the cole slaw was average - on the warm side which is never appetizing for a dish supposed to be cold. The chicken tenderloins were a bit dry and salty, but for a fast-food restaurant, they were pretty good. I wished I had more gravy to add a more hearty flavor to the tenderloins. As far as fast-food goes, this is what I expected.

I also got the "Thundering Herd" biscuit simply because it sounded the best: sausage, egg, cheese, potato on a biscuit. I was excited about the addition of the "potato" - essentially a hashbrown - because it's different from McDonalds. But honestly... they both tasted the same. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, except Tudor's sausage seem to be of an even lower quality, as there were hard bits and pieces I spit out.

I've said a lot, even if there isn't much to say. This is an average fast-food chain, even though native to West Virginia, it can't make up for the mediocre food.

Grade: C
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  1. OH shut up you whiny person. Tudors ROCKS.

  2. uhhhh, tudor's food is made-to-order. that's why it takes so long. do you know how annoying it is when rude people come through the drive-thru?

  3. I imagine it's quite annoying, which is why I do my very best to not be rude. Thanks for your comments.

  4. To be fair, they did just open and a restaurant chain is probably at one of its worst when it just opened. Unless the franchise sends someone to train everyone at the new store, you are looking at new and inexperienced employees. In addition, you are looking at a new customer base who doesn't necessarily know what they want. This can add to the confusion confusion.

    I'll share my experience since I only discovered them about a month ago and Morgantown's is the only one I've been to (so far). The other day my roommate and I went there to go to their drive-through. I'll give you that it is easy to miss. Had I not been inside before I wouldn't have known they had one. However, if you know they have one, there is really only one way to go when you turn in so it's not terribly hard to find. We ordered four biscuits and the wait was much less than you experienced.

    My favorite biscuit is the Thundering Herd. When I first went there I decided to get the Thundering Herd and the Mountaineer. They were both good but I prefer the sausage over the style of ham that is on the Mountaineer. I can honestly say that the biscuits I've had look noticeably different than the one in your picture. I also haven't had any problems with the sausage like you described.

    I would suggest you do a second review since yours seems to be so soon after they opened. What do you have to lose?

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Which is why I did go another time: Check out my restaurant redemption series (http://candacelately.blogspot.com/p/restaurant-redemption.html). http://candacelately.blogspot.com/2012/06/restaurant-redemption-tudors-biscuit.html is the one I did for Tudor's. The thing is, I really want to like it. I really do. I just think this place can bank on that nostalgia for so many people, which doesn't exist for me. I just base it solely on my experience, and they haven't been ideal. It hasn't been bad; I guess I'm just not on the Tudor's bandwagon, as much as I want to be. I'm going to keep trying it in an attempt to to see if I've just had bad luck.

      Thanks for your detailed comment. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


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