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By Candace Nelson - 2:12 PM

It may not be the most glamorous of cuisines, but Chinese food has a spot in (almost) everyone's heart. When you've had a long, hard day, there's just something about the delicious Moo Goo Gai Pan that calms you down. Or maybe the wonton soup is more your style. Morgantown doesn't have much in the way of find Chinese dining. Instead, you have two options for the most part: buffet or take-out.

China One is my favorite Chinese take-out joint in Morgantown. I tend to order from DubVmenus, which is convenient and means I don't have to be bothered talking to people. I usually get my meal delivered in under a half hour (though it could be more if it's a late Friday or Saturday night), and I don't spend more than $15, which isn't bad. I typically only order one thing, and it's pretty good here: General Tso's Chicken. I get the combination plate that comes with rice (I get white) and a small eggroll. I've had subpar chicken there - stringy or chewy - but if you get it in the middle of the day when they're constantly cooking fresh batches, it's pretty good. The best thing, though, is their sauce. I've had Great Wall or Lavender Cafe, but their General Tso's sauce has nothing on China One's. It's a good blend of tangy and sweet. Sweet and spicy deliciousness.

I also throw in an order of crab rangoons. The delivery order is required to be $10, so this appetizer usually puts it in that ballpark. You can't really go wrong with the cream cheese/crab mixture inside these small fried pieces of heaven. They come with a generous container of sweet and sour sauce. This is good for the eggroll as well. This day, I got the lunch special, which features a slightly smaller combination plate but also with a drink or soup for less than a regular combination plate. Not a bad deal.

For around $13, I had Chinese food to last me all day and a happy, satisfying tummy. For take-out in Morgantown, this is as good as it gets.

Grade: B
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