Golden Finch

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Golden Finch is located on High Street in Morgantown. It is a finer restaurant, but a good happy medium between casual and fine dining. I love how restaurants on High Street have nice window dining areas, as is the case with Golden Finch. The entire front is glass, so you can people watch while you dine. It's a fairly small restaurant, but don't doubt it.

We walked in, and the host/waiter seated us. Their menu boasts soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, grand meals, and a great selection of desserts. I quickly noticed that they have a caprese salad, which made my day. This is typically giant slabs of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. So, I put in my order for a caprese salad. The rest of the menu looked delicious, too, but the thing that stood out to me was the Creole Shrimp and Grits. It's spicy shrimp sauteed in a tasso ham, sweet onion cream sauce served over cheesy grits. I had heard this dish was great from other reviews, so I went for it.

We waited for awhile - service was a bit spotty. My friend received her meal and nearly finished it before I received mine. Granted, she ordered an appetizer as an entree, but she requested it as her main entree. Oh well.

My caprese salad came out, and I was slightly confused. It was a giant pile of baby greens and spinach, covered in balsamic vinaigrette, with a few tomatoes and balls of mozzarella on the edges. In my experience, tomatoes and mozzarella made up the bulk of the caprese salad, and baby greens were there as a supporting role. Not the case with this salad. I was actually disappointed because I was ready to dig into some huge juicy tomato slices and giant chunks of mozzarella. The spinach was tasty, but I wish the tomatoes and mozzarella were more prominent. But this dish alone was good. It also had two cornbread muffins, which were a nice addition.

My main dish came out as a giant stew, almost. I bit into a piece of shrimp, and whoa, it did have that cajun kick. Tiny bits of ham were throughout the sauce, and hearty grits made up the base of the dish. I wasn't overly impressed with the flavors, but it was something new. The spicy creamy sauce was a good pairing for the slightly cheesy grits. The shrimp and ham added some bite to the dish, and it was something I've never had before. It was also a huge portion - so much so that I had to get a to-go box for the remainder. I'm not sure if I'd order this again, but I was impressed with the creativity and thought that went into this dish.

Dessert was next, and they had a wide variety to choose from. The one that made me salivate was the strawberry ginger creme brulee. Wow. This creme brulee had a very thick sugary piece and delicious creaminess underneath. This dessert was so fresh and light, but with a creative spin on typical creme brulee. Their other desserts sounded fantastic, as well, but this was out of this world. It was to die for.

My meal came to around $35 with tip - for a drink, salad, entree and dessert. That's not bad, but that's a little high for a college kid budget. Try it, though, for something new and different.

Grade: B
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  1. I love their shrimp and grits =D
    One thing i have learned from Golden finch is that everything seems oversized. Their appetizers can easily be consider meals. I usually ordered their appetizer shrimp and grits.

    I was just there this past sunday for brunch.

    Smoked Salmon w/ Grilled asparagus Eggs benedict!

    of course picture whoring =D


  2. Haha, I know you do!

    That sounds - and looks - amazing!! =]

  3. You tipped $3.23 on a $35 bill? Less than 10%? You should be ashamed of yourself. Servers have a very difficult job, and they make $2.13 / hour as a base salary. Even 15% tips aren't enough for them to make a decent living.

    And lest you assume that your server is just some college kid working there for "spending money", you might want to recognize the fact that for many, many people, their job as a server has to pay all of their bills.

    If you have the money to go out to restaurants and eat all the damn time, you have the money to at least tip well, cheapskate!

    1. I highly suggest you get your facts straight before you comment, in order to avoid looking silly. If you look at the receipt, clearly there was a mistake. She charged me $3.23 for a meal, when it was actually $23.23 . So, I put MORE THAN enough on the tip line to compensate for the price of the meal, as well as a tip.

      I tip very well. And, no I don't have the money to eat out "all the time." I get reimbursed. So what I put on my receipt is the allotted amount I'm allowed to tip. I also tip in cash, too.

      I know how the tipping industry works all too well, but thanks for your comment.

  4. I love their chile rellenos with the black bean puree- so good! You should try them sometime.

    1. That sounds good! I'll have to check them out! Thanks.


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