Dirty Bird

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

New to the Morgantown scene, Dirty Bird made a quiet entrance with its risque name and specific cuisine. Dirty Bird features chicken, of course, but also egg sandwiches. Get it? All of their dishes involve eggs or chicken, that's why it's called "Dirty Bird." Well, I'm not so sure about the dirty part ...

This small resta- urant, with only a dozen tables or so, is located on High Street. The walls are covered in photos of random chicken restaurants around the nation - pretty cool. Small takeout menus are on the counter. I grabbed one, took it back to my seat, and perused over my options. I wasn't terribly impressed - a bunch of chicken sandwiches, but nothing too elaborate. Morgantown doesn't have a local restaurant, that I can think of, that specializes in chicken, so it might have a good market. But all I could think to myself was that it was a chicken sandwich, and not much more.

Regardless, I placed my order for a "Blue Ribbon" sandwich, a chicken breast with ham, swiss cheese, mushrooms and honey mustard. I also ordered a drink and returned to my table. When my food came out, it was in two halves, and lettuce, tomato, and a pepper were on the side.

I couldn't taste the honey mustard, but the chicken was moist. The ham, swiss cheese and mushrooms were tasty. Together, the sandwich was okay. I could easily make this sandwich at home, and, in fact, I have. I was hoping for some more creative element, but it wasn't bad. I could probably get this sandwich at a dozen other places around town. But, it was a fine sandwich - exactly what you think it'd taste like.

What brought this restaurant's grade lower for me was the service. Like I said earlier, it is very small. So, conversations travel. A group of five or six young men came in and were chatting with the woman behind the counter. All of this is fine. The problem is when this conversation carried on, loudly, flirtaciously, for the duration of my meal. I felt uncomfortable - like I was a creeping bystander, when I was simply trying to enjoy my meal. I actually didn't even finish my sandwich, instead asking for a to-go box, to get out of the place sooner. The dining experience was uncomfortable, and the food average. I could probably find better for my money.

Grade: C
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  1. You ordered the wrong sandwich. Go back and get the dirty bird sandwich and your review will change from a C to an A-. While I agree with you on the size and lack of privacy, you should know what to expect going in just from looking through the window.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'll have to go check that one out then.


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