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By Candace Nelson - 10:59 PM

Check out some of these great blogs that I'm now featuring on my blogroll! Most are West Virginia- and food-related, so if you're already here, they might be interesting to you!

  • All Things Wings - These guys love wings and they judge every restaurant's version around the Ohio Valley. Their idea of specialization is fantastic.
  • Cat Hair In My Coffee - Bailee posts about her healthy lifestyle, much of which involves healthy food. While my focus is slightly different, her take on it speaks to large health trends overall.
  • Communication Breakdown - Chris is a blogging guru. With thousands of hits per month and tackling interesting talking points in West Virginia, his focus on his audience is key.
  • Fork You - This group of bloggers have eaten their way to the #1 blog on Charleston's Urbanspoon. Their widespread list of restaurants is impressive, and their experience blogging is something to which I aspire.
  • Gee I'm Hungry - This is Morgantown cook Eri's blog about her adventures in her kitchen. She cooks, bakes and is an all-around foodie extraordinaire. Her ability to cook gives her that extra edge on what flavors are what.
  • Kitchen Geeking - This blogger has her finger on the pulse of popular food trends and the know-how to make delicious dishes, all of which are essential for a great food blogger.
  • Mountain People's Coop - The epitome of local and organic foods, the Mountain People's Co-op offers some recipes, as well as ideas for popular and creative dishes to replicate. What's interesting is they also offer variations for those with special diets.
  • The West Virginia Hot Dog Blog - Similar to All Things Wings, The West Virginia Hot Dog Blog focuses on hot dogs all around the state. They have certain criteria that they judge on, as well as what makes the "perfect" WV hot dog. Their ability to critique and analyze various flavors is impressive.
  • Wild and Wanderlust in West Virginia - Shannon loves Appalachian culture, and she posts the occasional review. Any information related to West Virginia, as well as the food culture, can be found here.
  • WV Food - The food blog of WV Living Magazine is chock-full of recipes, ideas, festivals and basic essentials for the foodie in West Virginia. A fabulous, easy-to-read blog gives some quick tips and ideas for West Virginians.

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