Kassar Foods

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

So I've shown love to the Asian market, the Latin Market, and now, finally, the Middle Eastern market. Located in Chelsea Square on Van Voorhis, Kassar Foods has a grocery area, fresh meat, a giftshop and a restaurant. This cool little market has tons of stuff, and contains some hard-to-find Middle East items.

The gift shop has everything from ornaments, solid perfumes, and oils to dresses and scarves. This is a go-to for those who want some traditional treasures.

The restaurant area, which I never went into, I believe has hot teas - regular, mint, indian, green, etc. The Shai House looks like a very welcoming, warm area that I'll need to check out next time I have some free time.

Speaking of the delicious food, they sell sweets like baklawa, mini rose, maamool and others.

They do prepare food right there, too, and their menu can be found online. While I didn't have time to order a meal, I was only browsing the store, I can't wait to give it ago. They have things like hummus & pita, gyros, falafel, kabobs, salads and various platters.

Has anybody tried out the food here? My friend and I bought a few odds and ends, but next time I definitely want to try their fresh food. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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