Veggie-friendly restaurants

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Last week, I blogged about the various types of diets out there. Whether you are strictly a raw veggie person or you are a vegetarian who eats fish, there's probably a certain label out there for you. And there's probably a restaurant that will help cater to your dietary requests, too. Morgantown has a handful that have developed a reputation for having dishes specifically for vegetarians or vegans, and we're not talking about a chicken salad sans chicken. Check out some of the most popular ones:

Black Bear - In addition to serving some local food, Black Bear Burritos makes some dishes with vegetarians in mind. Their rice is vegan, they use 100 percent organic Spring Creek tofu from Spencer, W.Va., they have 100% vegetarian beans, and they have separate grill from vegetarian dishes.

Maxwell's - Maxwell's has little asterisks next to items on their menu that are suitable for vegetarians. And there's quite the variety, too, from nachos and eggs to avocado sandwiches and bean burgers.

Blue Moose Cafe - As a hip, "cyber cafe," this coffeeshop offers tons of choices in that area, including organic houseblends and soymilk. But their menu is also all-natural and primarily vegetarian. Eggs (bacon or fakin'), Reubens, bean burgers, salads and other melts are all here. Blue Moose also does a good job at taking a traditional sandwich and turning it vegetarian- or vegan- friendly.

ZenClay - As an artistic mecca, this place has options like noodles, soups, "moo shu" pocket, eggplant sandwich, and many more creative, fresh, veggie-filled dishes. I like the creativity here, and you get to see some original veggie dishes.

What have I missed? I know there are some other great ones out there. Anyone have a specific vegetarian-friendly dish that is fantastic?

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