Princeton Edition: Sun Valley Country Store

By Candace Nelson - 7:01 PM

This sweet store/gas station combo is located outside of Princeton. I wish I knew exactly where to pinpoint it, but Sun Valley Country Store in the Athens/Pipestem area. A lot of things in this area are named Sun Valley, so maybe that's the name of this small town. Regardless, you could miss this one if you blink.

Driving along, searching for some food, we happened to pass this gas station. But written in large letters along the front said "restaurant." My squeal of excitement was embarrassing. Chris and I pulled up to the front, past the gas pumps, and walked inside.

Typical convenience store fare took up the majority of the store. To the right was a counter, and around the back were some tables and chairs. As we walked around back, we discovered a quaint little dining area. I plucked a small dining menu from the counter and looked through it. They had a pretty good amount of food - things like salads, subs, pizza, burgers, and more. I decided on a turkey and cheese sub, with all the fixins - lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and Italian dressing. We also ordered some buffalo fries to split.

The service here is out of this world - honest, down-to-earth folks who actually care about your experience. Our buffalo fries were super tasty - covered in oozy nacho cheese, bits of bacon and hot sauce. Many of them were too hot for me, but that's not saying much.

My sub was an average cold-cut sub. I wasn't crazy about it, because there was too much bread. I ended up picking it apart and eating the portions I wanted. But it's your run of the mill sub. Oh, and there's a nice outdoor dining area if that's your thing.

Grade: C
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