Fat Daddy's Bar & Grill

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Boasting the largest wings known to modern science isn’t the most comforting thought. Does Fat Daddy’s sell genetically modified animal products? “Our wings come from the biggest chickens in the world, fed entirely on bacon & beer” is cute. "These huge chickens produce the largest wings known to modern science" is worrisome. “Modern science” and “wings” in the same sentence concerns me. Especially when the wings aren’t even that big, anyway.

If you’ve been around here as long as I have, you know the location. It was Envy before the drug bust. Then it was Tabu. Now, that sketchy location, with the awkward cement incline to reach the door is Fat Daddy’s. Walking in, memories of my freshman year rushed forth. As I walked the awkward ramp, a miniature light show was going on. I was hoping it was more of a restaurant, with a bar side. But no, it’s more of a bar with a restaurant side. I never realized how huge this location was – there were slushie machines, arcade games, air hockey, skee-ball, basketball games, TVs everywhere, etc.

There is a ton of seating, so we found a table that a group of six of us could fit at most easily. As we were sitting down, we were carded. And not even in the nicest way. Yep, definitely more of a bar. Since I was carded, I might as well order a drink. As the waitress handed us our menus, she quickly ran down a list of things they were out of so that we “didn’t try to order something” they didn’t have. But since the waitress ran over a list of a dozen things before we even opened our menu, it was pointless. We had forgotten what she said, and it’s not as though there were a ton of options to begin with. So, the service could use a little work. And it could stand to be scrubbed down a little if it’s wanting to sell food.

But since their claim to fame is wings, that’s what I did. I got an order of boneless honey bbq wings. When they came out, some were missing sauce. It was almost like the sauce was just poured overtop without actually tossing the wings in it. But with that said, the sauce wasn’t bad. It was quite tasty, and even if some wings were more chicken tender than wing-tasting – even though all boneless wings are essentially chicken tenders – it wasn’t bad overall. The food isn’t necessarily what’s lacking here. The service, being treated like I’m a hooligan before I even sit down, and calling their wings biggest known to “modern science” isn’t the best. But it is still fairly new. I’m willing to check it out again.

Grade: C
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