15 crazy potato chip flavors around the world

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I saw this interesting article about potato chip flavors. Have you ever run into a weird/interesting potato chip combo? Some of these even sound good!

Forget Cool Ranch (oddly, renamed "Cool American" in Iceland) or sour cream and onion—these chip flavors will make you crave a salty snack … or just cringe.

Bloody Mary 
Now here's the kind of endorsement I like in a chip: "Won't get you drunk, but certainly hits the spot!" Pop open a bag of these chips from Devon, England, for breakfast—you may pack on the pounds but at least you'll be sparing your liver.

Prawn Cocktail 
And here's a different kind of cocktail (you may know it as a shrimp cocktail), a seafood-themed one. Hugely popular in England, these chips are billed as "a crisp with a little bit of class" based on the fact that shrimp cocktails are what fancy people eat, we suppose.

Honey-Glazed Ham 
Already thinking about what to make for next year's Easter dinner? Forget baking for hours—just open up a bag of honey-glazed ham chips for everyone. You'll have to head to Australia to pick up a pack of Smith's chips, though.

How do you improve on a product that's generally made out of a mix of mysterious beef parts? Distill that flavor down into a chip. The geniuses at Jumpy's chips (sold in Australia) have done just that, so bring a pack of these to a ball (cricket) game.

Hot Chili Squid 
Do you like the taste of squid, but hate how the tentacles feel in your mouth? Lucky for you, Lay's has solved this problem by combining the tasty flavors of squid and chilies into a chip. Sorry Lay's American fans—these chips are sold in Thailand.

Thanks to the global magic of Amazon, you don't have to go all the way to Korea to get Octopus-flavored chips. Shaped like goldfish but tasting like octopus, Tako chips are sure to delight and confuse your tastebuds.

Onion Rings n' Ketchup Doritos 
It's not often that Canada beats America at our obesity game, but they're edging ahead with Onion Rings n' Ketchup flavored Doritos. Considering that Doritos is an American company, it's practically a federal offense that we don't get this flavor stateside.

Chilli Chinese with Schezwan Sauce 
India is really thinking outside the bag when it comes to potato chips. Lay's steps it up a notch in the snack food competition with their Chip-n-sauce pack—chips that come with a sauce packet inside. In this case, you'll get Chilli Chinese flavored chips with a Schezwan Sauce packet on the side.

Seaweed Pringles 
Seaweed is a healthy super-food, so let's bastardize it by turning it into a chip. Disturbingly, these Pringles (found across Asia) are green, we guess to reiterate their "healthy" concept.

Beef and Onion 
Now here's a chip flavor that will make your breath smell delightful: pickled onion. Hey, at least these chips are made in Ireland, a country that knows what to do with a potato.

Roast Chicken 
Potato chip-crusted fried chicken is nothing new (here's a recipe), but you can take it to the next level by using these Roast Chicken chips from the U.K. It's a chicken inside a chicken, and I shall call it the ChipChicken.

Smokey Bacon 
Bacon is clearly not just for breakfast anymore, as we've seen it everywhere from cupcakes to popcorn, and now to chips. Next time you're craving that sweet pig-fat taste, just pop open a tube of Pringles and save yourself some time and potential grease burns. Bacon-flavored Pringles are found in a number of countries (but not the U.S.), including South Africa. So the real question is, why does Pringles hate America?

Roast Beef and Peppercorn Sauce 
Listen, we're sure that these Irish beef and peppercorn sauce chips are flavored with the finest meat drippings, giving you all the nutrients of a beef dinner. Oh, what's that? These chips are "suitable for vegetarians?" Ah, we see now—these chips are made with delicious MSG, which means you really won't be able to stop once you pop these.

Teriyaki Mayonnaise 
Three things that don't go together: teriyaki, mayonnaise, and Doritos. And yet, here they are combined into one glorious double-fried product. They're a limited edition, though, so better grab this Japanese treat before they disappear!

Worcester Sauce 
You really can't get any more British than Worcester Sauce chips, can you? Taste these and then we dare you to say the English haven't given anything to the international cuisine scene.

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  1. I fell in love with Tandoori Chicken potato chips when I was studying in China (there's a country/cuisine mashup for you). I did my best to stick to eating local stuff (which was by and large very good), but in moments of weakness I'd cheat with these, rationalizing that at least the 'flavor' was foreign...

    1. That sounds interesting! Every so often, it's nice to just have something familiar, something comforting. After all, we all have comfort foods. I think that's a pretty good rationale. I'd probably do the exact same thing, but I assume my moments of weakness would be resorting to a burger, maybe.

    2. In my last couple of weeks there I started getting a seriously bad jonz for a good sandwich, which is just something they don't really do there. I scoured the "American style" restaurants in the city I was in, but none of them had what I was looking for. Finally I discovered that the nearby bar I had been frequenting ever since I got there totally had a food menu with American sandwiches on it! I had at least three of the things before I went back, and they were actually really good. Their sandwiches stick out in my mind from the trip just as much as the strange foreign dishes.

    3. Interesting - it's still a new experience. When I was in Italy, I ate at McDonalds once just because they had slightly different food and I was curious. But all the other meals were authentic.

  2. Their Pizza Hut was actually very interesting to try. Just similar enough to make all the things that were different stand out that much more. The taste is... different, since they use different ingredients for the various cheese, sauce, and crust compositions. Not bad, just different. You couldn't actually order your own toppings, instead picking from one of the combinations already on the menu, but their selection was extensive. The most popular type of pizza was shrimp and corn, and I was legitimately surprised at how good it was.

    1. I've seen shows about what fast food chains offer in different parts of the world. It's very interesting to see what types of toppings are just standard for other places. Shrimp or seafood on pizza is one that sticks out in my mind - I would totally try it. Just the idea of Pizza Hut serving shrimp worries me though haha.


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