Tanner's Tavern

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I kept seeing Tanner's Tavern mentioned around town. I saw some people rating it fairly highly, and I also saw an ad in the Morgantown Menu Guide, but I never actually saw the physical building.

It's a little out of the way for me, as it's near the end of Sabraton. But once you turn onto Listravia Avenue, it's pretty much right there. There was a makeshift gravel parking lot across from the building. A few Harleys were parked out front, so I was excited to check this place out.

The place still smells of musty cigarette smoke, but it was nice and cool on this hot summer day. The bar was full with some middle-aged bikers. We took a seat at a booth and looked over the menus at our table. There were TVs all around, including at our own table, which were showing some sports.

I noticed the boasted their BBQ on the menu. It has typical pub fare, like sandwiches, fried appetizers and wings, but the BBQ definitely caught my eye. I ordered up the pulled pork and got onion rings on the side. The man working there was awesome - down-to-earth, honest, fun, helpful. He told us what he liked there and even talked a little bit about where they got the food.

I think we were the only ones eating, so our food was out very quickly. I was surprised at how huge these sandwiches were. Mine had a huge, steamed bun that housed a ton of juicy pulled pork. The BBQ was indeed fantabulous. It was tangy, but sweet and plentiful. Boy was there a ton. And it was all delicious, no bite was gritty or fatty. It was all perfect.

The slaw wasn't as crisp as I would have preferred, but the onion rings were fantastic. Crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. I dipped mine in a side of ranch. And usually when you get onion rings, you get a handful. I had more than a dozen. And they were manageable - not like gigantic ones.

I was so pleasantly surprised by the food and service, and hey, I liked the atmosphere, too. I can get down with the bikers. Everyone was friendly, and the man working even waved by to me as I was leaving. This hidden gem will surprise you.

Grade: A
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  1. I live right beside the Tanners Tavern (Blue house two or 3 houses over), and it is indeed amazing. You convinced me to try the BBQ next time I go over.

    1. Hi James! Good to hear! I can't wait to try more things! Thanks.


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