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Since I was already in the Sabraton area, a friend suggested we hit up Dari-Delite, a small ice cream shop past Sabraton and into Dellslow/Richmond area.

It's actually fairly big for an ice cream shop. They have a gravel lot for parking. When I walked inside, I first noticed the odd shape. It looked like it was three separate rooms, and they knocked down the walls to make it one large space. It's still in three separate areas, kinda.

They have daily specials - like actual meals - and they're posted on the sign out front. The one on this particular day was creamed chicken.

They have shakes, sundaes and cyclones. They also have some food too, even some breakfast sandwiches. The cyclone is their version of a blizzard, so I ordered a cookie dough one. The man made it right in front of me and handed it to me within a minute or so.

Katie ordered her cyclone, and we found a booth that was situated in front of the TV. They had a large TV, where you could actually change the channel, and it was on cartoons at the time. A few kids' games lined the walls, and some quarter machines were there, too.

I noticed they had a fridge full of condiments. They were all labeled, so it was like a communal condiment refrigerator if you order food, I suppose. That worries me. Just the same way buffets worry me. I don't trust people.

I've never had a blizzard-type ice cream dish that had so many toppings. Every single bite had cookie dough in it. I even got a huge chunk at one point, which was really exciting. And my medium was pretty big. So big that I couldn't finish it all. But if you want some soft serve and get your money's worth in the toppings, the Dari-Delite is for you. No frills, good service, cheap food.

Dari-Delite: 3837 Earl L Core Road  Morgantown, WV 26508; (304) 292-6912

Grade: B
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    1. I honestly don't remember. I was only there once, and it was more than a month ago now. I think on the side, it looked half paved, half gravel, maybe?


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