Follansbee Edition: Howdy's Dari-Owl

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

When those boards come down from the front of Howdy's Dari-Owl, you know summer has officially begun. That's the local sign of summer, at least. (They close right before Labor Day for the summer)

It's located along the main drag in Follansbee, so it was usually a little too far for my family to travel, but once in a blue moon, I'd get a sweet treat from here. Each summer, a bunch of young girls work here for some pocket money, and it has become a staple in town.

Across the road is a mill, which always smells terrible. That's part of the charm of Follansbee, But if you can handle that, there are some picnic tables near the gambling area (fairly new). If not, you can simply eat in your car or head out.

It only has two windows, and you can look over all the options: ice cream cones, hand-dipped cones, flurries, sundaes, and apparently they even have some food like hoagies, hotdogs and burgers. I've never had the latter, though.

I went for a caramel sundae, large. They only take cash here, so be sure you have some on hand. After a minute or so, my sundae was delivered to me in all its enormous glory. This was indeed a tower, a TOWER, of ice cream. So much so that it was kind of difficult to eat.

That's a good problem to have.

Soft-serve vanilla, topped with whipped cream, some nuts and caramel made up a good sundae. I only wish the caramel was more decadent, thick and rich. It was more like the Smuckers kind you can get at Kroger - but that's splitting hairs. Caramel is delicious in all its forms. I'm always a fan of supporting local businesses, and this is the only one of its kind in the area. If you're looking for a cool treat during a blistering summer day, stop by.

Grade: B
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