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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I tried Milano's II before the original location, because the original location isn't necessarily the easiest to find. Try Googling it - it says 2 Brookstone. Except I don't know what Brookstone is. After some searching, I found it to be on Greenbag Road between Morgantown Printing and Binding and a dance studio in Sabraton. You go across a small bridge, and it's in a small plaza - there are signs on the windows.

The dining area is a decent size, with some booths along the wall and tables in the middle. They have basic pizzas, white pizzas, hoagies and salads. Since my friend and I are indecisive, she got a small white pizza, and I got a small mushroom pizza so we could try a little of both. Small pizzas are $6, plus $1 for a topping. One thing: You can't just get a "cup" of water - they said my friend could get a cup and get water out of the bathroom faucet, but something about city code and not having the correct filtration. Odd. I got a bottle of pop anyway.

We had a table full of pizza - two trays full of pie. The regular is a nice, flat pie, with a good tangy sauce and Italian cheeses. Many have said this is some of the best in town, and I would say it's comparable to Pizza Als and the now defunct Original Pizzeria. These NY-style pizzas are pretty frequent in town. If you try a place that's not a chain, it's most likely a nice, flat pie. It's really good. I love the sauce - tangy, slightly sweet. Cheese for days. Mushrooms add a little salt and texture for me. Loved it.

The white pizza was also tasty - garlic, herbs, cheese. It looked more like a plain cheese pizza, but the garlic was prevalent. Maybe next time I'll add some ricotta or spinach to it. Either way, this place puts out some good pies. If Pizza Al's is the best on the Evansdale side of town, Milano's is the best on the Sabraton side. They both have II locations, too. I see a trend here. I don't think you could go wrong with either.

Grade: A
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