Weirton Edition: DeeJay's BBQ Ribs & Grille

By Candace Nelson - 4:38 PM

DeeJay's BBQ Ribs and Grille is a local favorite. It's known across the region for having the best ribs in the area. I decided a long time ago that I wasn't a big ribs person (or much red meat, for that matter). I felt like every time I got them, they were stringy, chewy, messy and just not worth the hassle.

DeeJay's changed all that.

It's located in Weirton on Three Springs Drive, but it's definitely famous throughout the Ohio Valley. The safari-themed restaurant boasts large, plastic palm trees out front, so it's hard to miss.

When I walked in, I was seated near the waitress' station. Odd, but it was still a nice atmosphere. It doesn't seem like you're in a typical restaurant for the area. It's kind of tacky with plastic plants, fake animals and jungle-themed fabrics, but pleasantly so.

Their famous BBQ ribs are what everybody gets - tender pork baby back ribs, hickory smoked, charbroiled and covered with their famous BBQ sauce and served with two sides, or the traditional plain potato skins, fresh tossed salad or cole slaw. Expect to spend around $20. You can upgrade the potato skins with cheese, bacon and sour cream for only 60 cents more.

I got a half rack (you can also get a rack or super rack), with the upgraded potato skins and mushroom caps. There are other options on their menu besides ribs here, but don't waste your time.

We got some bread and butter for the table. Take it or leave it.

When my platter came out, I was kind of shocked. Did they mistake my "half" ribs for a "super rack"? No. Huge portions - totally justifies the price. It was that whole slab, plus another four or so stacked on top. I began poking at it with my fork to see if I could do with those wipes that were sat at our table.

So. Tender.

I could pluck the meat off the bones effortlessly with my fork, deliver it to my mouth to receive a sweet, tangy BBQ'ed heaven, then toss the bone in the bowl. They were falling off the bone tender, tangy, spiced and seasoned to perfection. The sauce is sweet, with a kick, but the flavor of the meat also is prominent.

The potatoes are awesome, too. Like, of course I want four miniature baked potatoes with cheese, bacon and sour cream on top. The cheese is like a nacho cheese, and the sour cream is kind of ranch-y. All in all, a perfect complement to the ribs. My mushroom caps were okay - just cooked mushrooms. Nothing too special there. But go for their main meal, and you won't be disappointed.

Grade: A
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