Monday, October 1, 2012

Jersey's Subs and Sandwiches

New Jersey, or more commonly "Jersey," sometimes takes a lot of flack in Morgantown. It seems as though there are a good bit of NJians at WVU, and many times, it seems as though they have a certain "guido" personality. At least that's the reputation. So taking that stereotype and basing a restaurant on it is probably risky. But, Jersey's subs and sandwiches has been around for a little while now, so they must be doing fairly well.

Located on the Mileground, this establishment does eat-in, delivery, and they're often seen with their little truck at fairs and events. In fact, one of the first times I tried them was at a fair. Their specialty is their cheesesteaks - I'm not sure why, because I always associated Philly cheesesteaks with Philadelphia, and not necessarily New Jersey. But that's what they're known for.

So, I wanted to finally check out the brick-and-mortar restaurant. To be honest, it was much nicer inside than I expected. I was expecting a mediocre sandwich shop, but it was clean, well-decorated and had a good bit of seating. The menu on the wall was in the shape of New Jersey, and they had other odes to the state around the shop. They had a case of the meats they use, as well as some desserts right in front.

I ordered their philly cheesesteak. When asked what I wanted on it, I wasn't sure what the options were, so I just said plain. On the menu, it never mentioned what types of toppings they had or what came on it, so I should have inquired further. Oh well. I also ordered a side of fries and a drink and sat down. You get charged more for using a card, which is unfortunate. The workers really didn't seem happy to be there, but I overlooked it. I know what it's like to deal with people, so I can't fault him. But a small smile or a thank you would've helped.

After a little while waiting, my friend and I were presented with our baskets of food. My sandwich was huge - two six inch subs, basically. And the basket of fries. And, it wasn't bad. Good amount of salt, and the seasonings are good, but the quality is more questionable. The steak had some grissly pieces in it that put me off, but for the most part, it was mediocre tasting. The cheese intermingles with the meat, all mixed in together, not just laid on top, and adding some peppers on it would probably do wonders for the texture as well as bit of sweetness. But, I'm not sure how many other places even offer cheesesteaks, so if that's your thing, check it out. Their salads didn't look too bad either.

Grade: C
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