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Munchies is located on Spruce Street in downtown Morgantown and is well-known for its "stoner" reputation. The restaurant is called "Munchies," they have Dazed and Confused and other popular movies centered around marijuana posters on the wall, and the burgers are named things like "Chronic."

The Chronic Burger is exactly what I got. As their specialty, the Chronic Burger boasts BBQ sauce, onion rings, bacon on top of two cheeseburgers. They have a minimum of $4 for credit card purchases, but my sandwich and water came out to be about $8, so no worries there. I left the counter for a table and waited for the food, which took a little while. It's scarcely decorated, save for the posters on the wall. Plain black chairs with semi-dirty tables. It was also pretty smokey inside - from the grill, that is. Not the other kind of smoke.

Our burgers were brought over in small styrofoam containers. It seems as though everything is packaged to-go, even though they have a few tables inside and some room in front of the grill to sit.

But the burger was good, and I can count the amount of times I've had a burger without my typical ketchup and mustard combo I tend to use. That crunchy onion ring was a great texture with the melted cheese and burger. Some parts of the burger were a bit more charred than I would have liked, but there was enough BBQ sauce to camouflage that. The flavors worked well between the salty bacon, crisp/sweet onion rings, tangy BBQ sauce, smooth cheese and juicy burger. Homemade? Doubtful. Decent for a small dive restaurant? Yep.

Grade: B
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