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By Candace Nelson - 2:28 PM

I'm at the point in my blog where I've visited most of the mainstream restaurants in town, and I'm now venturing those bar/grills (meaning, a bar with about five food items) and, now, the mall food court. But it was actually a pretty good decision.

Morgantown's mall is fairly small, especially for a college town, so there are only a handful of options in the food court. There are four that aren't major chains: Wong's Wok, Fuji Grill, T&L hotdogs, and Just Desserts. My friend that I was with is doing a "low carb" thing, so we were sure we would have to look outside the mall. But as we were walking around, we saw that Wong's Wok advertised a "Non-Carb Menu."

We got in line, and before we knew it, we were already at the front. It is extremely fast; it might be good to have an idea of what you want beforehand. They have a few options: 1 entree with rice/lo mein, 2 entrees with rice/lo mein, or 3 entrees with rice/lo mein. I wasn't completely certain what their entrees were because the line moved so fast. But they are up on the wall. So, I asked for sesame chicken, general tso's chicken and lo mein. Also, I got an order of cheese wontons. Plus a drink.

My order came to $12.37, but they don't give receipts. I took my tray back to a table to uncover my lunch. They are pretty large portions, especially for "lunch." The box was filled with a bed of lo mein, and each type of chicken was two large, heaping spoonfuls on top of the lo mein.

To my surprise, it was all pretty tasty. Granted, this is not authentic; this is Americanized Chinese food in every sense of the word. But I'm not ashamed to admit I like it. The chicken had the perfect amount of crispness, with a thick, spicy sauce over it. I couldn't sense much difference in the sesame chicken and general tso's - but it's pretty similar anyway. Tangy sweet sauce over chicken. The cheese wontons were even pretty good - ample amount of cream cheese filling.

Next time I'm in the mall around lunchtime, I'm headed here (after I try the other three places, of course).

Grade: A
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