Princeton Edition: Sweet Nothing's Bakery & Gifts

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I noticed a new bakery in downtown Princeton, Mercer Street, recently. Princeton has a pretty tough time hanging onto bakeries - mostly, I think, because they are half-baked. See what I did there?

What I mean is, I don't think they're always well-thought out. Good intentions, but the execution isn't there. When we walked into Sweet Nothing's, I noticed the mismatched furniture and bare cases. I'm used to seeing glass cases full of delectables. It looked as though there were some stale cookies, and that's about it.

UntitledLooking at the board to the left, they have what  Chris generically refers to as "turkey sandwich" boards. Meaning something we could just as easily make at home, and make better. However, in addition, they had quiche. I knew that's what I wanted. The lady working suggested vegetable soup as a side.

We were the only ones in there, and when our food came out, I was pleasantly surprised. The quiche was to-die-for. Not only is it rare to find quiche in restaurants in the area, it was a damn good quiche. Light, buttery and flaky on top, but decadent, indulgent inside. It was broccoli and cheese, and I think I could've eaten the whole thing. The vegetable soup was good, too. It was homemade, which is nice. But the quiche was the standout here.

The women also brought us over a pumpkin cookie - moist and tasty. And THEN they brought us a piece of chocolate cake - which was super rich, but good. The food here really is good. But it's not consistent - you'll have to go in to find out what they're cooking up that day. And I strongly suggest getting the special, because they can definitely cook.

Hopefully more people check it out so this place can survive.

Grade: B
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