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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM


UntitledCafe Mojo has taken the place of so.zo at the top of High Street. It's a local coffee shop with some comfy chairs and a laidback atmosphere. It's dimly lit and has a counter at the front for people-watchers as well as a room full of leather armchairs and local art. A chalkboard showcases their featured javas. They also have a case full of pastries - some of which were from a bakery in Uniontown.

UntitledI saw a cookies & cream smoothie, which sounded interesting. I handed over a couple bucks in exchange for this icey beverage. We took our drinks back to the room and chatted for a while. A few other folks were working on their laptops and making small chat.

It was an odd combination - usually cookies & cream is, well, creamy and decadent. This was icey. It was unique, but it was good. Unfortunately, we got kicked out a little early because they had to do some touch-up painting. Otherwise, I could see myself hanging out here during breaks in the day.
Grade: B
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