Charleston Edition: Kawayan RestoBar

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

UntitledUntitledA friend took me to Kawayan (which is a Filipino term for Bamboo), a nice Asian-American bar/restaurant that seems to be somewhat of a hidden gem. When we first walked in, my friend noticed a friend of hers working and asked if we could be sat in her section. The manager seemed put-off, but she obliged.

The restaurant was pretty empty, save for another couple or two. They have a sushi bar, which is pretty cool. The decor was nice - romantic, dim, lightly decorated. Our waitress was amazing - entirely accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. They serve Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and American food.

UntitledI tried their lumpias, which are veggie spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and tofu. Served with a sweet chili sauce. It's like a lighter version of an eggroll, and it was pretty tasty. I stuck with a California crunch maki roll, which consisted of crab, avocado and crunchies. It was basic, but it was tasty. Just what I was in the mood for.

UntitledFor dessert, I had a taste of bread pudd- ing, which was simply divine. In my top three favorite bread puddings ever. It was so warm, with a light caramel drizzle and whipped cream. It was just so homey, so comforting and so delicious.

The food here was really good, and the service was great. The management, though, kind of turned me off. From the way they treat the servers to how they accommodate guests, they just definitely give off the best impression.  

Grade: B
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