Charleston Edition: Sam's Hot Dog Stand

By Candace Nelson - 4:53 PM

UntitledUntitledAs I slowly begin to discover quick, easy and cheap lunch places around Charleston, I am finding some treasures. Sam's Hot Dog Stand is one of them.

It's located on Hale Street with an unassuming restaurant front and a few tables inside. I've been a few times, and each time I have ordered their hotdog lunch special: two hotdogs, a bag of chips and drink. I think it rings up to around $5, which isn't bad.

I ordered two West Virginia specials: sauce, slaw, mustard and onions. You can get mild or spicy sauce. I got one of each. I cautioned everyone on my anti-too-spicy stance, but everyone assured me it wasn't THAT spicy. They were correct.

I'm sure they get a little bit more steamed and sloppy in the trek back to the office, but they're still pretty spectacular.

But yes, get the spicier one. It simply adds some more flavor - not necessarily heat. I appreciate the fine consistency of both the chili and slaw and the kicks with onion and mustard. It's just all around pretty tasty. I have admitted to not growing up with this kind of hotdog (gasp - I ate ketchup on them), but I'm quickly growing to love them. I've been back a couple times already.

Grade: A
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