Charleston Edition: Main Tin Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Main TinMain TinAfter reviewing at least a dozen Chinese buffets, you'd think I'd have this down to a science, right? Well, the truth is, a Chinese buffet is a lot like a fast food joint. You can expect the same kind of food across the board, but the quality differs.

Main Tin is in South Charleston near a cluster of other restaurants, and it's only the second Chinese buffet I've heard about in Charleston. I stumbled into it by accident, actually.

Main TinMain Tin

Main TinThe front of the restaurant looks like a simple take-out place. But behind that is a buffet restaurant. While most of the basic offerings were there, they were not necessarily the most fresh. Maybe we caught them at a bad time.

Main TinBut it's fine. It's good for what it is. I'd be happy if there were more offerings, more fresh offerings and if they had something a little different, too. A girl can only have so much General Tso's, believe it or not.

Grade: C
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