Charleston Edition: The Grill

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

The GrillThe GrillMy friend and co-worker, education reporter superstar Shay Maunz, recently raved about this fried green tomato BLT (sans the B, because she's all vegetarian) and how it was amazing. To my knowledge, it's a Friday special, and they can be missed.

The GrillI convinced friend and co-worker, city/county reporter superstar Matt Murphy, to go with me recently.

We took the jaunt over to the West Side and found The Grill fairly easily, with the blue and gold banners out front.

We went inside and immediately took a seat at the counter. Mostly because the restaurant was full, but also because we needed to check out what this place has because the Internet is completely void of a menu for this place. You're welcome for the photos.

The Grill I already knew I wanted to try the fried green tomato BLT, but the fried mushrooms also caught my eye. They're a delicacy, and usually only Dairy Queen carries them for sure. But occasionally little places like this have them and I get super excited.

The GrillLuckily we went a little later - around 1 or so, so they weren't super busy. As soon as we put our order in, the lovely gentleman working started our sandwiches.

The GrillHe took the time to assemble them perfectly. I noticed this because oftentimes, when restaurants are busy, that's not of concern. What's of concern is getting it out. But he took some time, made sure it was right, then carried them over to us.

Okay, you're thinking, it's a fried green BLT. YES. BUT. It's also kind of like heaven. Let me explain.

How great can it be? Pretty damn great. Not only are the ingredients fresh, but there's this cohesive, amazingly delicious element that brings all these flavors together. The tang, the sweet - and the textures - crunchy, soft. It results in a flavor explosion.

The GrillFlavor explosion. I'll have to use that more often.

The sauce and the breading on the tomatoes is just this tangy, sweet, amazing amazingness. It's amazing I'm a writer, huh?

I'm just going to leave it at that, really. Oh, and the mushrooms were good, too. Get they honey mustard to go with them and fall into a fried food coma. Mmm.

Grade: A
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