Charleston Edition: Sushi Atlantic

By Candace Nelson - 8:22 PM

Sushi AtlanticHole in the wall sushi shop, that's what Sushi Atlantic is. Located near the hospital downtown, Sushi Atlantic would be easily missed if you weren't paying attention. I've passed it numerous times going to Capitol Market, but I never noticed it was there. 

Sushi AtlanticMy friend Karie and I walked inside to an empty restaurant. It was just us and a single, older gentleman who asked us what we'd like to drink.

He came back with a few mismatched glasses and some menus.

Looking around, it looks like the restaurant could handle a good scrubbing. It just looks as though it's old and has accumulated dust and other things.

Sushi AtlanticI looked through the roll sushi, and I decided on the classic philadelphia roll, with smoked salmon, and I tried their West Virginia Roll, which has sour seaweed, cucumber, crab stick, smelt roe and shrimp.

Sushi AtlanticThe older man was the only person in the restaurant, and he handmade our rolls, too. So, it did take some time, and I imagine if others were here, it would take even longer.

Eventually, he brought our rolls out. He was really sweet, and he clearly has been doing this for a while. Because they were great.

Sushi AtlanticThe Philly roll - salmon tasted fresh. So important. Simple flavors, but fresh and tasty.

The WV roll - little bit more complex here. If the sour seaweed scares you, don't let it. The slight, slight tart flavor really made the flavors shine here. It's like a california roll, but with shrimp on top and the slight tart taste. Really good.

The local sushi place that's down-to-earth, find sushi. A lot of classic rolls here with some fancier ones, too. I can see how others would say it takes a long time, but I guess I lucked out.

They DO accept Mastercard and Via. Minimum charge of $6. Their hours are a bit tough: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday for lunch. 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday for dinner. They're closed Sunday and every third Wednesday.

Grade: A
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