Charleston Edition: Bruno's

By Candace Nelson - 12:45 PM

Bruno'sBruno'sWhat does the typical person do when they see a somewhat rundown building in not the best area? Opt for a better dining option?

We all know I'm not typical. I didn't even know it was a restaurant, really. I was thinking more of a bar with maybe some food. But my friend Matt saw it and was excited to go.


When I casually asked friends if they've heard of Bruno's, most shook their heads or said yeah, but were ambivalent about going. That made me all the more interested.

Bruno'sBruno'sIt's pretty big inside with a few segmented areas. We sat in the center section with booths while we got acclimated. It's pretty laidback. Kinda dark. But the people were super friendly. Our waitress greeted us right away and brought out our drinks. She also offered her suggestions for dishes when we asked.

First up were the crab balls. Because why not?

These were good. There were only four for $10, so as good as a $2.50 per ball could be. Kind of like a crab cake but bite-size. Cajun mayo was fine. Nothing too extravagant here.

For our main dish,we had to go with a brick oven pizza - our waitress said they were too good to pass up. We chose the signature white pizza: spinach, goat cheese, garlic and tomato.

I love the irregular shape to homemade pizzas. It was huge, too. And I was pleasantly surprised. The goat cheese was fairly mild, little salty, but awesome with the tomatoes, spinach and soft crust.

Pizza was a winner - not sure about all the other combos, but this one was good. I'll pass on the appetizer next time.

Grade: B
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  1. Tuesday night is buy one/get one pizza night. Best in town, IMHO. We're regulars. ;-)

    1. Whoa! I had no idea. That's a great deal! Thanks for the tip!


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