Charleston Edition: Husson's Pizza (Kanawha City)

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

There are three Husson's Pizza locations in Charleston: on the West Side, on Bridge Road and in Kanawha City on 36th Street. They're very specific about which locations deliver where, and I was just at the cutoff for the the 36th Street location.

Husson's is a local chain and has branches in St. Albans, Cross Lanes, Sissonville, Spring Hill, Pinch and Huntington.

The menu boasts the largest "large" pizza in town. I don't know if that's true or not, but their pies are a decent size, for sure. You can also get subs, salads and low-carb options.

Husson's is probably my second favorite place in Charleston to get a New York-style slice. Graziano's being my favorite, of course. Charleston has some decent places to get a flat slice, as well as some fancier places, too.


It's flat and greasy - but not too greasy - and it makes me happy. The crust is not rock-hard - somewhat pillowy. Surprisingly considering how flat the dough is. Of course I got mine with mushrooms. I like Graziano's sauce a bit better, but this is really a good option that delivers quickly.

Grade: A
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