Sunday, October 13, 2013

Charleston's Capitol Market

Johnnie's Meat MarketCharleston has probably one of, if not the, best farmers' market in the state. The Capitol Market has outdoor vendors with produce and other items. It also has a permanent structure with a few merchants inside: The Purple Onion, The Wine & Cheese Shop, The Fresh Seafood Co. & Market, Holl's Swiss Chocolatier, Johnnies Fresh Meat Market, WV Marketplace and Soho's Italian Restaurant.

I've been to Soho's previously. And, I loved it. It's the only sit-down restaurant in the building.

I've also been to the Fresh Seafood Co. & Market. It was also amaze. It is one of two places inside that provide counter-service lunch options made to order. It offers fresh seafood for purchase, but you can also have a quick lunch.

Johnnie's Meat MarketThe same goes for Johnnies Fresh Meat Market - you can purchase meat here, but you can also get a made-to-order lunch.

Johnnies Fresh Meat Market
I'm not sure if there's another butcher shop in town, but this is the only one I know. They have beef, chicken, pork, as well as lamb, chorizo, sausage, duck, veal and more. With all the fresh meat they offer, you can also get a damn good sandwich or salad.

You pick up a slip at the end of the counter and circle what you want. I went with sandwich - sourdough bread, buffalo chicken, pesto-parm ham, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and honey mustard. With chips and a drink.

It was huge. And pretty delicious. But I'll take half the credit, since I created it.

Johnnie's Meat Market

The traditional lunch places have been taken care of, but there are still a few other shops where you can get some great products.

Grade: A
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The others are not made-to-order, so I just want to touch on them.

Johnnie's Meat Market
The Purple Onion
This section is beautiful. It is stocked with fresh fruits and veggies. The wall is lined with snacks - fruits, candies, etc. And the center had some fresh food. On this day, I got some pasta salad. And it was delish.

I've also had a dried apple, yogurt-covered raisin and sesame stick trail mix recently, and that was awesome.

This is probably one of my more favorite shops - though it's hard to decide. But it's so bright and fun in here. And there were some Fall treats that I just am dying to get. 

Capitol Market

The Wine and Cheese Shop
While I haven't tried the wine here, I have bought some of the cheese. I got a hunk of gouda, which was just mmmmm. 

Capitol Market

Holl's Swiss Chocolatier 
I didn't realize this place was based out of Vienna. In fact, I thought it was more of a corporate, national brand because of its high-end look and feel. But I did get a caramel sample - which they so kindly do - and it was melt-in-your-mouth lovely.    

WV Market
This place kind of reminds me of one of those places you can find at any visitors' center or rest stop that has a "best of" West Virginia section. It is a nice spot to get some West Virginia-made items, like Blue Smoke Salsa.

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