Boston, MA Edition: Durgin-Park

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Durgin ParkFor dinner the first night, I was excited to try this place called Durgin-Park. On every "top 10" list of places to try in Boston for the first time, this place kept popping up. So I put it on my list to try. It's located at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (an area of Boston we kept coming back to). It's been a landmark since 1827 and has a long history. It's a really cool old building. I was excited for some New England-style food with seafood, chowder, broiled meats and boiled dinners.

Durgin ParkTheir special that day was a lobster roll, so I immediately knew I wanted it. Before our entrees came out, we were served a basket of cornbread. Everywhere in Boston does this, I came to learn.

My lobster roll was good! So good. It was my first time having a lobster roll, and it was fresh with hunks of juicey meat, celery and mayo all atop a toasted buttered roll. Light and tasty and buttery and goood. The fries were fine fries, and I'm not crazy about baked beans, but I tried them.
They were OK.

Durgin ParkDurgin ParkI ordered Indian pudding because I had never heard of it before. The waitress was a little sassy and told us we couldn't have dessert if we didn't finish dinner, but she brought it out anyway.

Durgin ParkIt's made up of cornmeal, milk, molasses, syrup, sugar, cinnamon, etc. And it tasted just like Coco Wheats. With ice cream on top, because who doesn't like ice cream?

Main entree was quite good. Everything else was OK.

Durgin Park

Grade: B
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