Boston, MA Edition: Mike's Pastry

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

Mike's Pastry
Mike's PastryOkay, so the OTHER pastry shop. We went to Mike's Pastry much closer to dinner time, so that may be why it was so incredibly packed. As soon as we walked in, there was just a mob of people in half-formed lines waiting to get cannolis.

Lining the ceiling are photos of all the kinds of cannolis they sell. They're not made to order like Modern Pastry, but there is more variety. This is apparently the more tourist-y shop. 

Mike's PastryMike's PastryEither way, they have all sorts of cannolis. Plain Ricotta Cheese, Yellow Cream Cannolo, Chocolate Cream Cannolo, Chocoloate Chip Cannolo, Pistachio, Chocolate Moussse, Espresso, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Chocolate Ricotta, Limoncello, Strawberry, Oreo, Peanut Butter, Florentine & Chocolate Covere.

Through reading numerous comments on how amazing the chocolate chip one was, I selected it. That is, after much waiting and crowding in line. Then they stow it in a box, swirl a line of string around it, which descends from the ceiling, and you're on your way. We were lucky enough to grab a seat to enjoy our treasures inside.

Mike's PastryMike's Pastry

Mike's PastryMike's PastryKaitlynn got a lemon one, and Josh got a strawberry one.

Mine was delish. Not a huge fan of chocolate chips usually, but this was good. Maybe because they were covered in a thick ricotta paste. Mmm. But shell was just a tad bit heavier - less flaky - than Modern. I think I preferred Modern just a bit over that. But the inside was great. Sweet, but not too sweet for me. I like that I can tell it's ricotta and not some artificial icing sweetness.

The lemon was also pretty good. You get that lighter citrus bit of flavor, so it's more refreshing almost.

The strawberry was a little too sweet for me in a more artificial way. Not as big of a fan.

I'm sure you're dying to know which I liked better? They were both really good. They're both also very similar. But Modern, for me, might win out just a bit with a lighter, flakier crust.

Mike's Pastry

Grade: A
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