Boston, MA Edition: Modern Pastry Shop

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Modern Pastry ShopModern Pastry ShopThere are two pastry shops in the North End of Boston that have this sort of rivalry. Maybe it's more of a debate. Mike's Pastry Shop and Modern Pastry Shop both serve up delicious pastries, especially cannolis. I've heard Mike's is the place where tourists go, but Modern is where the true local hangout. (Check out more on the rivalry here and here and here)
Modern Pastry Shop
Our first stop was at Modern Pastry Shop. It was early, and it wasn't very busy. There was a steady stream of customers, but no lines. As soon as you walk in, there are glass cases filled with goodies. A sign on the wall shows that they make cannolis to order, and you can choose the filling, topping and shell. But it was so early. It was more of a breakfast pastry kind of day, especially because I knew I'd be having a cannoli later on that day at Mike's.

Modern Pastry ShopModern Pastry Shop

So instead, when I got to the counter, I asked for a Sfogliatella - which is a flakey pastry filled with ricotta, vanilla custard, semolina and cinnamon.

Modern Pastry Shop

Yum yum yum. They gave it to me on a little plate, so I could eat there, and I took a seat over by the window to people watch.

Modern Pastry ShopThe powdered sugar on top flew everywhere as I tried to cut through the layers of flakey pastry. Once I finally succeeded, it was full of a delicious, creamy, with a tad of spice, mixture.

It was huge. And super filling. And good in the best kind of way. I'm not super crazy about pastries, but this one had some love put into it.

Also a plus: the sassy ladies who were working there. I should totally move to Boston just so I can get away with my attitude.

Oh, and I did get to try Kaitlynn's cannoli. It's a good cannoli! 

Grade: A
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