Charleston Edition: Black Sheep Burrito and Brews

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

UntitledBlack Sheep Burrito & Brews is a well-known hipster burrito joint in Huntington that I've been dying to try for, well, ever. I still haven't gone (hopefully soon!), but they did open a location in Charleston, where the former Charleston Brewing Company used to be. It's this sort of joint-venture now, with Black Sheep dishing up the food and Charleston Brewing Company brewing and selling their beer.

Charleston Brewing Company's food wasn't well-received, and they adjusted, but overall, it seems this is combining the best of two worlds.


The interior is nicer, brighter than I remember from the former place. We were sat near the back by the bar, so it was a little busy being right by the kitchen. But not too bad. I liked the music and ambiance.

UntitledI was there on the weekend, so it was the brunch menu. I had kind of wanted a burrito since it was my first time there, but they had french toast, which is hard for me to pass up.

It was whiskey cream french toast with bacon marmalade and cinnamon-vanilla infused blueberry syrup. And it was OK. Pretty heavy on my stomach, which was already not feeling great. But if you're thinking this would be your generic IHOP french toast - it's not. It's a darker bread, with a berry sauce - less syrup. More healthy? Not bad by any means, just not out of this world.

So, I'm OK with it. I think I want to try the one in Huntington - and a burrito - for the full experience. I want to love this place, so another dish, another time.

Grade: B
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