Washington, PA Edition: Hogfather's Old Fashioned BBQ

By Candace Nelson - 1:55 PM

UntitledUntitledHow could a place called Hogfather's not intrigue you? This little BBQ restaurant is located in Washington, Pa., and I pass it every time I head home to Wellsburg. For, like, seven years now I've passed it and never stopped. It has always caught my eye, though. I was just always in a hurry to either get home to Wellsburg or back to my home in Morgantown.

I was in the Washington, Pa., area with two friends recently, and when our tummies started rumbling I knew just the place I wanted to go. Hogfather's.

Love these noodles.

This place has only a dozen or so places inside to sit; it also has a drive-thru. We were seated quickly at a booth and scanned the menu. The "Old Fashioned BBQ Sandwich" seemd like a pretyt good standard to judge them by. It range up at $6.99 and had smoked, hand-pulled beef or pork with choice of spicy red or Carolina-style BBQ sauce with crisp onion straw and jalapeno peppers. I opted for pork and Carolina-style. I also ordered a side of macaroni and cheese.

UntitledThe sandwich was different - in a really, really good way. It wasn't a pile of meat with sauce poured over top. No, this was the meat cooked in the sauce, so the meat was just full of tangy and sweet flavor. You don't catch much sauce - just lots of flavor. The jalapenos added just the perfect slight kick and the crispy onion straws really added a little crunch, little sweetness - just perfect. This is a damn good sandwich.

The macaroni and cheese? Also fantastic. Homemade, creamy, sinfully delicious. The spiral noodles sat in a delicious sauce with some shreds of cheese on top. Yum.

I couldn't believe this place was as good as it was. And I've been passing it for so long! Just order this exact thing and thank me later.

Grade: A

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