Jasper, IN Edition: Schnitzelbank Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

LAST INDIANA RESTAURANT - The Shnitz. Schnitzelbank, to be exact, which is a German restaurant in Jasper.

As soon as we walked in, there was a little shop full of trinkets and whatnot. We then seated ourselves in the dining room. I heard nothing but good things about the salad bar, so I knew I was ordering that - it's dubbed "best in the midwest," according to their menu. And for my main course, I went with the German Sampler Platter with wiener schnitzel, bratwurst and knackwurst. AND that came with two sides: I got german potatoes and cabbage.

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

The salad bar was pretty great. Lots of fresh veggies, plus prepared salads. I particularly like a sort of cornbread salad they had. Super good. Plus a broccoli salad and a huge cheese wheel? Love.

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

Schnitzelbank RestaurantFor my sampler - German potatoes are just fried potatoes, and those were tasty. Cabbage was a little sour tasting, but not bad. And the meat was pretty good. Knackwurst has a garlic flavor, and bratwurst has an onion flavor. Both were solid. And the wiener schnitzel was decent, too.

My main gripe is that it was just SO expensive. I think I paid around $40 leaving there. Granted, it was a ton of food, but it was still pretty expensive.

Grade: B
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Schnitzelbank Restaurant

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