Lewisburg Edition: The Wild Bean

By Candace Nelson - 9:30 AM

UntitledUntitledEvery cool town needs a cool coffee shop. Charleston has Taylor Books. Princeton has Sister's Coffee House. Morgantown doesn't really have that BUT Lewisburg does. With The Wild Bean.

This little hipster coffee shop offers everything the quintessential coffee joint requires: local art, great coffee, some food and local products. Coffee menu has organic, fairtrade, bird-friendly and rain forest allliance options. They have hot and ice espresso, teas, fruit smoothies, tea lattes, ice teas and more.

Their breakfast has burritos, egg scrambles, breakfast sandwiches and granola - complete with free range eggs from local farmers and house-made bagels and baked goods. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Lunch has wraps, avocado melts and burgers.

UntitledUntitledFirst up, I ordered a smoothie. You can basically get whatever fruit you want, so I opted for strawberry, banana and mango.

This was good. It just tasted fresh. Plus I liked that I wasn't forced into some generic pre-selected choices of fruits. Chose what I want, right there, and it was made just for me. Tasty.

For food, I went with their breakfast burrito, which had scrambled eggs, potato, cheese, bacon, and sour cream in a tortilla.

This sounds amazing, and it was pretty good. Things were fresh - just a little dull. More spices? My only real gripe is that I wish it had more sour cream (or any, at all - I think mine may have been lacking) or some more salsa. Both of these really would've amped up the flavor and helped bring all those elements together. Or even more cheese? I just wanted more. Still, not bad.


Grade: B
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