Morgantown Edition: The Whippoorwill Bar and Grill

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillI'm not sure if there are better ways to spend warm, sunny days than drinking an alcoholic beverage of choice (for those who are of age, of course) on a dock. Whippoorwill Bar & Grill is located at the Edgewater Marina with lots of boats and boat-loving folks milling about. It has a pretty small menu consisting of a burger, hoagie, grilled cheese, hotdogs and chicken tenders. Not super exciting.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillWhippoorwill Bar & Grill

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillI ordered two hotdogs with chili, onions and mustard (they don't serve slaw). And a strawberry daiquiri.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillLet me talk about the drink first. While not really strong, it was definitely tasty, and the bartender blended a good bit, so what didn't fit in my glass, she gave to us in an extra cup. Essentially two whole cups filled for the price of one. That was fun.

The hotdogs were OK, at best. The bun was kind of soggy, the chili and dog were cold, and both had entirely too much mustard on them, which just got everywhere.

The truth is, though, the environment is really what sets this place apart. On a nice day, it's beautiful, relaxing, and you can get a decent drink. If you're looking for food, it may be OK for a quick snack, but I don't know if I'd really order food again. My friend Greer ordered chicken tenders and wasn't too keen on them, either.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillBut, if a nice view and drink are more important to you, by all means.

Grade: B
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