Watts Roost Vineyard

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Watts Roost WineryI would love to visit all the wineries in the state one day. I have Forks of Cheat Winery and Heston marked off. Lewisburg provided me with one more opportunity: Watts Roost Vineyard. I actually tried this one for the first time at a Wine and Jazz festival in Morgantown with an ex-boyfriend. We liked Watts Roost Vineyard's Sweet Charlotte one so much we purchased a bottle, got an order of chocolate-covered strawberries and sat underneath a tree, finishing off the bottle. Ah, memories.

Watts Roost WineryWatts Roost WineryWatts Roost Winery

Watts Roost WineryWatts Roost WineryWatts Roost Winery

Watts Roost WineryFinding ourselves in Lewisburg for the weekend, Brittany and I decided a wine tasting would be a perfect little getaway for an hour or so. Watts Roost Vineyard is located back a country road on a farm. This particular day was beautiful, and I could've spent hours on their porch if we had the time. The woman conducting the tastings was amazing. Super personable, chatty and relatable.

As two newly single girls, I think she imparted more wisdom on us than she will ever know. I, still, three weeks later, replay some of her words of advice on life, love and friends. It was one of those moments where it seemed like we were meant to visit her, at that time, on that day, and hear what she had to say.

Watts Roost WineryWatts Roost Winery

Watts Roost WineryWatts Roost WineryIt was only $4 to taste any wine we wanted - which was all of them. Plus the souvenir wine glass! Just right up at the counter - plus she gives you some palate cleansers inbetween tastings (chocolate anyone?). AND she tells you all the great recipes you could make WITH the wine. Just, awesome. All of their semi-sweet and sweet whites were great. I knew I liked Sweet Charlotte, but I also found another I was fond of: Sweet Lucie, which is their sweetest wine. I bought a bottle for just $10 and was on my way.

This would be perfect for a girl's trip or a couple's trip for just a few hours. The lake and area are gorgeous, serene, relaxing ... I'd love to buy a bottle and just drink out on the porch while watching the animals. If you're in the area, it's a must.

Watts Roost WineryWatts Roost Winery

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