Wheeling Edition: Coleman's Fish Market

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Coleman's Fish MarketColeman's Fish MarketI have been to the famous Coleman's Fish Market in Wheeling just once. It was time to revisit.

The Centre Market is kind of the main market area in Wheeling with lots of bordering antique shops, stores and little restaurants.

Coleman's is housed inside. There's a special line for their original fish sandwich - since they get many orders for that (which really confused me because I was with my parents who didn't want that, so I didn't know which line to get in). Rest assured, we got in the specialty line, and everything was fine.

Coleman's Fish MarketColeman's Fish MarketIn addition to steaming hot fish prepared to eat right away, they have a number of fresh seafood available to purchase so you can go home and make your own dinner. Scallops, crab, any kind of fish you can imagine, and more. This is the place to go for seafood in the Northern Panhandle.

Coleman's Fish MarketColeman's Fish Market

After placing our order at the front, my parents waited around until our order was ready while I left the shop to find seating in the open Centre Market area.

After a bit, my parents marched down the stairs to join me. Inside a large brown bag was our lunch. I unwrapped the wax paper to find two three-ounce fillets of fresh North Atlantic pollack deep fried between two slices of what bread (For the deluxe sandwich - with wheat and tartar - the regular is on white).

Coleman's Fish MarketColeman's Fish Market

Okay, and now for the sandwich:

Coleman's Fish Market

Yum! Steaming hot and full of white fish. Fresh. The tartar is the perfect balance of a mayo base and relish. I hate too much relish. But this is perfect. And a pretty hefty sandwich, at that. One of my favorites.

There's nothing like it.

Grade: A
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