Wheeling Edition: Later Alligator

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Later AlligatorWhile we had our full meal already, I wanted to soak up as many Wheeling eateries as I could. Another I hadn't been to was Later Alligator.

It's not even a block from the Centre Market, so we stopped by for some snacks and smoothies.

We grabbed menus and sat at the bar as we figured out what we wanted. I ordered their soup special: corn chowder with shrimp, while my parents both got smoothies.

They had salads, savory crepes, sweet crepes, and wraps/sandwiches.

After waiting for a bit - well, quite a while - we received our items and headed for home. It was a little pricey.

Later AlligatorLater Alligator

Later AlligatorLater Alligator

The soup was still piping hot when we got home, so I dove right in. It was tasty - creamy, with huge chunks of shrimp. I was a fan. Little too expensive and a long wait. But the food wasn't bad.

Later Alligator

Grade: B
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