Cheat Lake Farmers Market

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Cheat Lake Farmers MarketMorgantown is so lucky to have a number of farmers markets from which to choose.

Monday - Cheat Lake Farmers Market
Tuesday - Westover Farmers Market
Wednesday - Health Sciences Center Farmers Market
Thursday - South Morgantown Community Farmers Market (1966 Grafton Rd.)
Saturday - Morgantown Farmers Market

[And I think there's a Morgantown Country Farmers Consignment Market, but I'm not sure how that one works]

Cheat Lake Farmers Market

Cheat Lake is from 4-7 p.m. in the parking lot of the Chestnut Ridge Church, across from Ruby & Ketchy's Restaurant.

Cheat Lake's market is pretty small, with just six vendors total: The Bakery, Brian's Hydroponic tomatoes, Sines Farm, Busy Beavers Farm and Greenhouse, Clear View Farm and Chipps Farm. I bought from half of them!

Cheat Lake Farmers Market

Here's what they had:

Cheat Lake Farmers MarketThe Bakery: Pepperoni rolls Jalapeño/cheddar bread, cinnamon raisin bread, donuts
Brian’s Hydroponic Tomatoes: Tomatoes
Sines Farm: Squash Maple syrup, green onions, dried hot peppers, basil, swiss chard, lettuce, spinach
Busy Beavers Farm and Greenhouse: Onions, tomato plants, flowers, oatmeal cake, banana bread, peanut butter fudge, apple dumplings
Clear View Farm: Eggs, herb breads, sourdough bread, cinnamon bread, pepperoni bread, treats
Chipps Farm: Lettuce, strawberries, eggs, onions

I got a pepperoni roll from Clear View Farms, some peanut butter fudge from Busy Beavers Farm and Greenhouse, and cookies from The Bakery.

Cheat Lake Farmers MarketThe pepperoni roll was GREAT. And these folks don't go to the regular Morgantown market. Just my first bite -- and it was already filled with pepperoni and cheese. The whole thing was brimming with deliciousness and it was just $3. I think I'll have to be back to get one. One of the best I've had in town, I think.

Cheat Lake Farmers MarketPeanut butter fudge is always good - but it's especially tasty when it's not the hard, break chunks off and nearly lose a tooth kind. It was soft. Great.

And the cookies - also good! I'm a huge fan of anywhere that lets me opt for something that isn't a chocolate chip cookie. So, the inverse? Awesome.

I still have a few more markets to try: the one at Health Sciences, the "South Morgantown" one and potentially this consignment one. Anyone been? Thoughts?

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