Chestnut Brew Works

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

DSC_0429As a waiter at Table 9 rattled off beer specials, he mentioned a local "Chestnut Brew Works Nate's Nut Brown Ale."

Chestnut Brew Works? Never heard of it. Give me one ... then two. Then four.

This local brewery was good. How didn't I know about it? I must find out more. I emailed Bill, the owner, who told me I was welcome to come check out the brewery - although it's a humble one-room garage located at the edge of his yard. In the meantime, I pitched a story idea to Spotlight WV Magazine, which gave me the go-ahead.

Click here to read all about the brewery.

My visit with Bill was pretty great. He took a good chunk out of his day to teach me about what he does and why he does it. Incredibly patient and eager to share his passion, Bill gave me all the information I needed for my article and let me try a sample of his Halleck Pale Ale (his number one seller). Hoppy and delicious.

He's super knowledgable and has been working with other brewers around the state to represent the craft beer industry in West Virginia and push for legislation that will work in their favor. He expressed how currently, he cannot sell his own beer by the bottle at his brewery, and it's difficult for him to brew new beers without some major hurdles. I hope they have some progress so this industry can continue to grow in-state.

He just recently announced he'll be opening up a brewery and tasting room (and hopefully food!) in the South Park area. His beer is already sold in Black Bear, Atomic Grill, Apothecary, etc. And, soon, everyone will have a chance to try these great brews at his very own brewery and tasting room. Can't wait.

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