Pittsburgh, PA Edition: PNC Park

By Candace Nelson - 9:30 AM

PNC (mannys & chickies)If you know me, you know I joke about knowing nothing about sports. Sometimes that's true and sometimes it's not. I generally know the basics, but I really like going to games. Not the type to sit around at home and watch a game alone - typically - but to watch in person is an experience: the atmosphere, the people, the excitement, everything.

PNC (mannys & chickies)PNC (mannys & chickies)Afton and I headed to PNC Park for a Pirates game. Well, she was there for the Reds. But anyway.

The food. There are a bunch of places to eat at PNC. Here is a good place to get the rundown on all the offerings. Little overwhelming, right? So I asked my friends on Twitter and via text - if there's ONE place I should go, where is it?

The results: Manny's BBQ. And second place was Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries.

PNC (mannys & chickies)
Manny's is out along the outfield and is named after former Pirates catcher Manny Sanguillen. The restaurant features BBQ pork sandwiches and platters. I'm told Manny himself even sits at the stand and signs autographs for fans before every game.

PNC (mannys & chickies)It's a bit pricey, with sandwiches hovering around $8/$9, and platters are closer to $10. A large bottle of water will cost you $6.25. I went with the pulled pork pierogie stacker.

PNC (mannys & chickies)

Pulled pork with a sweet onion sauce, two pierogies all atop a pretzel bun. It was pretty messy and not pretty to eat, but it wasn't bad. I wish there had been some more sauce to bring it all together because it was pretty dry otherwise. Not bad, though.

Grade: B
Manny's BBQ on Urbanspoon

PNC (mannys & chickies)

PNC (mannys & chickies)PNC (mannys & chickies)And we also went to Chickie's & Pete's for their famous crab fries as a side. There aren't many locations nearby, as they're based in Philadelphia, and they're not in very many stadiums. But they seem to be a popular choice.

The fries are huge and come in at a whopping $10. They're served with crab seasoning and a cup of white cheesey dipping sauce. I can't say I was crazy about these - the seasoning was just overpowering. I felt like I was inhaling it, so we didn't even end up finishing the bucket between the two of us.

They were better in the cheese sauce, but I think I would ask them to go a little lighter on the seasoning next time. Or opt for another place.

Grade: C
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PNC (mannys & chickies)

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