Lewisburg Edition: Greenbrier Valley Baking Company

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

GVBC collageGreenbrier Valley Baking Company is a great bakery in its own right. I didn't have time for a pizza from this place or even a proper pastry. Instead, I hopped over here after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Very few items remained in the cases, but a few "florentines" sat staring at me, waiting for a home. In my belly.

GVBCI ordered one and took a seat. The lacy crisp was dipped in white chocolate, and sandwiched between the two cookies was a thick sugary filling. Tasty. Light, but decadent, too.

Definitely make a point to swing by here to get something sweet - or get a meal if time allows!

Grade: A

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