Morgantown Edition: Star City Hotdogs

By Candace Nelson - 11:00 AM

Star City hotdogs CollageHave you seen that small blue shack on University Avenue in Star City? You know - the one that looks like it seats maybe three people, has a sign that says "hotdogs," and you're not sure if it's even a real restaurant anymore?

It is.

It's called Star City Hotdogs, as evident by the makeshift sign plastered in front of what used to be a Hometown Hotdogs sign. Apparently they split ways at some point, and this was an easy solution.

Star City hotdogs 2 Collage
This is one restaurant that I've known about for - years - now but most of my close friends scoffed at the idea of coming here. My friend Heaven is a risk-taker. I dig that.

We waked inside to one woman slinging dogs, while hungry onlookers awaited their meal. Meanwhile, orders were being called in. This place was kinda busy.

Star City Hotdogs

With only a handful of stools in front, it gets tight in here real fast. Off to the left, there is this strange blue concrete dungeon that has a few mismatched tables and booths.

I ordered a hot dog and a Frito pie. I only had this one other time - at the other hot dog joint across town - and loved it. I was quickly informed there was no sour cream. Meh. Oh well, tried it anyway.

Star City HotdogsMy hotdog - with mustard, slaw, sauce and onions - was OK. Too much slaw kind of overpowered anything, really, and the onions were lost underneath the slaw - so those just blended in. The sauce wasn't bad. I got medium, and it had a big of a bite to it. But beyond an overwhelming cold, chunky texture - not a ton of flavor.

Star City HotdogsFrito pie suffered from the same lack of flavor - but I did dig the cheese. Cheese can make most things better. Sour cream can make all things better.

Star City HotdogsSo, overall the food is nothing to write home about, and the actual building itself is... well, kind of scary. If you're really interested, I would suggest to-go.

Grade: C
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