Fairmont Edition: Country Club Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Country Club Collage

The birthplace of the pepperoni roll. Or at least one of the few rumored places. I wanted to come back to where it all started. What began as a portable lunch for miners turned into a symbol of the state. The pepperoni roll is unique to our state, and most outside of the area haven't had the pleasure of a warm, soft pepperoni roll.

Country Club sits back off the road in a nondescript building. There really isn't anywhere to sit inside. Instead, grab one or a dozen and head out. They also have other bakery goodies. That seems to be what most folks do, as I saw a handful of people park, walk in and walk out with a bag just during the few minutes I was in my car.

After Joel and I got our pepperoni rolls, he tried to explain to me how they were baked in order to get the perfectly fluffy but not too greasy bread as we sat in my car. I won't try to type all the specifics he had, but I know this: They're good.

UntitledJoel can explain to you why with how they are baked and what ingredients, etc. I'll explain what my mouth tells my brain: these are hot, with spicy sticks of pepperoni, and this bread is soft and only slightly chewy. They're good. They're the original and simple... But well-executed.

Grade: A
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