Fairmont Edition: DJ's 50s and 60s Diner

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

DJs Diner Collage
After our adventure at Copper House Grill, Afton and I drove down the road to DJ's 50s and 60s Diner for dessert.

This place is essentially a tin trailer and tries to give off this genuine, old character feel which is completely manufactured. Records from bands in the 50s and 60s line the wall along with pictures. I imagine 50 other of these same restaurants having the exact same decor.

And THE MUSIC. Was SO LOUD I could barely hear Afton across from me. Sigh. The ambiance needs helpp. OK. Dessert.

I ordered the banana split at $6. I do love the idea of this old diner (ie I dig a good banana split or burger), but I just wish it wasn't as generic. When the banana split came out, it was a sight. Three giant scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, caramel, sprinkles, nuts and cherries. It was a mess. A beautiful mess.

DJ's DinerSo, I don't think you can really mess up a banana split. It's gonna taste good no matter. But, I can think of a dozen or so other places I'd rather have one.

Grade: C

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