Morgantown Edition: The Wall Street Grill

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Wall St. CollageMaxwell's was a mainstay in town - around for 37 years before it went out of business. What happened next is confusing, as some sort of legal battle ensued. The landlord and owner were fighting, and the restaurant building sat empty for about a year.

Just in the past week or so, a new restaurant has reopened in the space - "The Wall Street Grill." The chef told me they bought the namesake, etc., but they've still renamed themselves. They're nearly invisible on the Internet, and I only knew they were open because a friend stumbled upon them late one night.

Like a previous restaurant that was short-lived in this space, they're trying to do a late-night only thing right now, considering their proximity to the bars downtown. The chef said he gets there about 5/6 p.m. and doesn't close up until 4/5 a.m.

Their menu is written in chalk above the kitchen, but it's mostly homestyle - burgers, open-face chicken dinners, whole cornish hens, slaw, and a hot deli bar. The open-faced chicken dinner was the most popular, he said, so that's what I went for.

Wall Street grillThe chef was the only one in at the time - but we were the only diners, so it was OK - and he mentioned how he was an owner of the Rusted Musket. He then took some time off. He's not the owner of this place, but he is the chef and has had some trouble hiring a staff. He said he hopes to be open for lunch and maybe even do delivery in the future.

The dish was good, but just a bit bland. I wish the white bread was a roll, and the gravy was a bit more flavorful. I'm assuming the chicken is from the rotisserie, but maybe some of the fat and juices could punch the gravy up a bit. The potatoes were pretty good.

The place is a little rough around the edges. No menus to pass out (yet), and the ice wasn't working in the fountain machine. But they're just opening, so it may be just that. Or it could just be that it's going for that vibe. Either way, if you're looking for some hot American meals, this seems to be the place downtown for that.

Grade: B
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