Fairmont Edition: Att's Place

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

Att's Place Collage

The final stop on my Fairmont Food Tour was "Att's Place." Truth be told, I was pretty full by this point and my mouth was still regaining feeling from Yann's, but I pressed on. I took a whole day off work for Fairmont food, and I wasn't going to go home until I tried as many places as I could.

Att's is bright green on the outside. I have no idea why. I thought it was some odd tech company at first or something. Nope, just green.

When we walked inside, there was just one person there. The owner or manager, maybe, was having some sort of disagreement with the person who ships their bread. I don't think it was up to the quality she had in mind.

But, it's a much larger space than the previous restaurant. There are stools at the front and some booths. They also serve a variety of sandwiches and sides - not just hotdogs. And - get this - they serve slaw. It's not a main staple like at some hotdog joints, but it is available.

I ordered one with chili, mustard and onions. "Sauce?" She questioned. Oh, yeah, sauce - not chili. Whoops. And moments later, I had a freshly sauced hotdog in my hand. (No TWSS jokes, plz).

Maybe it was just the refreshing change from the fire sauce at Yann's, but this one was much, much more palatable. The sauce (I ordered mild) had actual flavor, not just spice. It was good. Nice consistency and nice with the crunch of the onions.

Tasty, and in a much friendlier environment.


Grade: A
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