Wellsburg Edition: Applefest

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Applefest CollageThe Applefest holds a place near my heart. It is THE event in Wellsburg, and it was always an exciting time in town growing up. There aren't many gatherings, so it was exciting to see all your friends and play games and ride rides and eat everything apple in sight.

The Grimes Golden Apple was founded in Wellsburg, and it's one kind that could've led to the discovery of the Golden Delicious. We even have a little park to celebrate it. True fact: This was actually the first time I went to the park, though.

Applefest 2 CollageWhile at the Applefest this year, I pigged out on an entire bag of cotton candy, a caramel apple with nuts and a sandwich from Granato's in Weirton. I hadn't heard of them, but it seems as though they're a deli. The sandwich was pretty good - but tiny. One single meatball. Oh well. Mom was nice enough to take care of all of it.

Applefest 2 CollageMy mom got a walking taco. She is a huge fan of Mexican - and my dad and I always go the more Asian route - so she doesn't always have the opportunity. Dad had a philly cheesesteak sandwich, which was topped with peppers and cheese. It all looked good. There are a few local vendors and some others not so local. We try to support the local folks at these types of things.



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